The Auditor’s Office oversees all financial transactions of the city. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Balancing the general ledger and reconciliation
  • Issuing the checks to vendors for all of the city’s bills
  • Preparing information for the city’s annual financial statement
  • Payroll/human resource function for all of the employees of the city
The Auditor is also responsible for establishing and maintaining internal control designed to ensure that the assets of the city are protected from loss. The Auditor’s Office ensures the city is in compliance with all regulations and laws that affect the financial statements.

Office Staff

The Auditor is an elector of the City of Greenville and serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Roxanne Willman is the current Auditor of the City of Greenville. The office has a staff of five employees consisting of two Account Clerks, one Personnel Clerk, one Audit Clerk, and one Deputy Auditor.