Income Tax

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As employees of the Income Tax department, our purpose is to provide a service to the citizens by:
  • Assisting taxpayers in complying with the Tax Ordinance
  • Collecting tax payments
  • Educating the public in areas regarding tax law compliance
  • Enforcing the Tax Ordinance in a fair and equitable manner
  • Preparing tax related documents
It is our responsibility to provide this service in a professional and courteous manner.

Online Filing & Payments

You will need to setup a Tax Connect account before being able to file or make payments online. You will also need your City of Greenville tax account number. If you do not have this, contact us at 937.548.5747 and we will look this up for you.

To setup Tax Connect account:

1. Click, Tax Connect Pay & File Online. 

2. Click, “Accept”. 

3. Click, “Register for a WEB login to an existing tax account”. 

a. Fill out required information. 

4. Click, “Register”. 

5. You will receive a confirmation email. Click the link to finish setup. Be sure to check your spam email folder

Once your account is setup, you can begin filing and making payments online. If you have any questions, contact the Income Tax Department.

When filing a return, be sure to click "certify" to ensure that your return is accepted. 

Addtional Information