Greenville City Limit Service
  • General Public: $3.00
  • Elderly/Disabled: $1.50
All fares are for a one-way passenger trip. Drivers only carry $10.00 and don't always have change. Please try to have the correct change if possible. Large bills will not be accepted.

Fares are subsidized and funded in part by ODOT and the FTA. Additional funding is through the City of Greenville.
Nick Washing Bus

County Zone Service

Zone Mileage Rate

Less than 1 mile
City Rate + $1.00 per mile
1 1.1 mles to 3 miles
2 3.1 miles to 5 miles
3 5.1 miles to 7 miles
4 over 7 miles

Special Fares


All children under 5 years of age ride free when accompanied by an adult. Fares for children ages 5 - 17 are $1.00 each with a paying adult. 

Elderly/Disabled Discount

Half price fare will be applied to those individuals 65 years of age or older or those having a Disabled Reduced Fare Application (PDF) on file.

Reservations for Service

Services in the Greenville city limits are by demands and require no prior Reservations. Service in Darke County requires 24 hour notice and if drivers are available.