Work Session 06.08.17 Dispatch

Public participation regarding emergency communication operations within the City of Greenville. Information will be provided during the meeting regarding upcoming changes to 911 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP’s) as well as a discussion regarding the Darke County Commissioner’s proposal to offer emergency communications (dispatch) at no cost to the City.

04.12.17 Darke County Commissioners Regular Session

 - Minutes

04.12.17 911 Board Meeting Held and Voted


04.24.17 Darke County Commissioners Regular Session

 - Minutes
 - City Service Director Q&A Dictation

05.02.17 City Council Meeting

 - Minutes
 - Video

06.08.17 City Council Work Session

 - Minutes
 - Meeting video with presentation
 - PowerPoint Presentation
 - Det. Roberts Interview (video)

  1. City Council

  2. Ryan Delk

    Safety Service Director

  3. Police Department

  4. Fire Department