How do we provide service?
Greenville Transit System is a public transit system funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the City of Greenville, and users like you. Additional funding is provided by contracts with agencies to provide the transportation necessary to maintain their programs. We provide City service with limited County service, utilizing a demand responsive transit system. For more information, please call 937-548-0437.

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1. How do I book a trip?
2. What happens if I schedule a ride and am unable to make it?
3. Why does the scheduler need my personal information?
4. How do I qualify for the ½ price elderly / disabled fare?
5. How do I get an application?
6. Can the driver help me into my house?
7. What if I need assistance beyond the vehicle?
8. Do I have to wear my seat belt?
9. What if my wheelchair is oversized or I use a scooter?
10. What is a private contract?
11. Why do I have to pay so much for county service?
12. How do we provide service?
13. How does the Demand Responsive Transit System work?
14. What is our Packages & Bags Policy?