Billing Office

The Utility Billing Office is located on the first floor of the City Building in Room 140.  Hours of operation are Monday - Thursday from 8AM to 4:30PM and Friday from 8AM to 1PM.

Bill Pay Information
Please be advised that the bill paying services provided by DOXO are not endorsed by the City of Greenville, nor can the City of Greenville accept any responsibility for transactions conducted through DOXO.  While this service does list contact information for the City of Greenville, the City has no contract or affiliation with this company.  Payments made via DOXO will be charged a $12.95 fee per payment versus a $1.75 fee per payment when using the online payment method provided on the official website for the City of Greenville.

Waste Water Plant

The oxidation ditch plant is designed to provide for preliminary, primary, secondary and advanced treatment, with disinfection of effluent discharged into the Greenville Creek which joins the Stillwater river in Covington, Ohio. The waste water treatment plant has a 3.5 million gallon per day (MGD) design flow, 6.02 MGD peak hour flow, and 7.21 design storm flow. Average daily flow is equivalent to 2.2 million gallons. Approximately .257 dry tons of bio-solids are produced per day. The facility is staffed on first shift daily.

Water Plant

The current water treatment facility in Greenville was constructed in 1980. It is a lime softening plant with a design average capacity of four million gallons per day and a maximum design flow of 6 million gallons per day.  The Water Plant is currently producing an average of 2.1 million gallons per day.